Prevents your Shop from Unnecessary Theft

Labels Helps You:

EAS label is nothing but called as Electronic Article Surveillance. It is used in libraries and the busy areas like banks, retail shops and on. It is very important to fix at necessary places because it would be used for theft prevention. It works with the detective antennas and also made at the exit of the store. The tags or labels like eas label are hanged with the items which are sold in the shops. You can use these labels for so many times. It helps the staffs who are working in the shop to alert if someone takes something without their knowledge. It is available in different varieties of colors, sizes, designs and also you can see it in different multiple barcode sizes.

Types of EAS Labels:

You can apply this eas label very easily as it has a strong cement. It also detects reliable things. Nader, Checkpoint and Sensormatic are the brands which are compatible with this label. There are different types of EAS labels and you can use one among them according to your usage. The varieties of EAS labels are as follows:

  • EAS Security Radio Frequency Label 2X5
  • EAS Security Radio Frequency Label 4X4
  • EAS Security Radio Frequency Label 5X5
  • EAS Security Radio Frequency Label 3X4
  • EAS Security Acousto Magnetic Label

EAS Technologies:

I would like to tell you about the first type which is in the color so-called White, Black, and Barcode. It prevents loss and also you can find the theft and lifting of shop. You can use this label in supermarkets, shopping malls, and retail stores and so on. This is originated by the country called China. When you use this label you would find it as an ideal solution only for the protection from the theft. Even the hard security tag is not enough for the books, pharmaceuticals, safety securities and more, so you can use this for that purpose. You can imprint this very easily with the thermal equipments.

Prevents your Shop from Unnecessary Theft

In the EAS technologies like estar eas , you could find two very dominating things. One is the so-called AM which is called Acousto magnetic systems. It activates only on the 58 kHz. Another one is called RF which means Radio Frequency systems. It functions on about 8.2 MHz. In every case; you would see an EAS label that is attached to the products in the retail shops. Later you can remove the tag or you can also deactivate it only then it would not prompt your detection system. It is important to use in all retail shops just to avoid theft and to act very promptly.