Tips to Keep Kratom Tolerance Down

Do you feel like your usual dose of kratom is not as effective as it once was? Developing a tolerance to kratom is common with many users. Just like with any other botanical, if you continue using it, reduced effects may be seen, which requires higher doses of kratom to achieve the desired effect.

While kratom tolerance happens, including quality options like KratoMystic, there are things you can do to help prevent this from happening.

Take a Break

If your typical dose of kratom is not providing the desired results, there’s a good chance your body needs a break. Abstaining from kratom use for several days is the most effective way to reduce your kratom tolerance. Even shorter periods of non-use will allow you to return to your normal dosage and achieve the same results.

Avoid Stagnant Strain Syndrome with Strain Rotation

For most, kratom tolerance can be reduced by switching the strains regularly. Every strain and variation of red, white, and green vein kratom has a unique blend of natural compounds and alkaloids. Just by changing strains, you can force your body to better adapt. As your body adapts to this new strain, the kratom tolerance you have for other strains will fade.

Add a Magnesium Supplement

If you want a supplement that will help you reduce and manage your kratom tolerance, then magnesium is what you need. By taking this supplement, you can help your body process and digest the kratom much more efficiently. It will also reduce your body’s tolerance.

While kratom tolerance can occur, there are ways you can prevent it. Use the tips above to reap all the benefits of kratom and ensure that you do not build a tolerance and can no longer enjoy the product. Also, make sure you only purchase top-quality kratom to achieve the desired effect.