The following example shows how you can set the data provider for the Flash ActionScript 3.0 ColorPicker component by setting the colors Soma For Sale, property.

Full code after the jump, codeine compound soma tablet w. Soma fascia,

// ActionScript 3.0
/* Requires:
* - ColorPicker control in Flash library
var arr:Array = [0x000000, 0x110000, buy www soma online, Shigura soma, 0x220000, 0x330000, fm soma, Buy soma where, 0x440000, 0x550000, buy soma under $70, Purchase soma, 0x660000, 0x770000, soma green japenese tea set, Soma camping, 0x880000, 0x990000, buy soma 120 no prescription, Soma's guide mimosa, 0xAA0000, 0xBB0000, soma in utah, Web keywords soma, 0xCC0000, 0xDD0000, north face soma swirl, Keywords soma online, 0xEE0000, 0xFF0000, myth soma patch 223, Soma gallery 3d, // red

0x000000, 0x111111, soma frame sale, Akane pic soma, 0x222222, 0x333333, i took 7 soma pills, Soma intimates promo coupon, 0x444444, 0x555555, falling soma sonic, Emancipate ashes of soma, 0x666666, 0x777777, soma phentermine hydrocodone pharmacy,
0x888888, 0x999999, 0xAAAAAA, 0xBBBBBB,
0xCCCCCC, 0xDDDDDD, 0xEEEEEE, 0xFFFFFF]; //white

var colorPicker:ColorPicker = new ColorPicker();
colorPicker.colors = arr;
colorPicker.setStyle("columnCount", 16);
colorPicker.move(10, 10);


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    ” import fl.controls.ColorPicker ” forgotten

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