The following example shows how you can enable or disable a Flash ActionScript 3.0 TextInput control by setting the Boolean enabled Where Can I Buy Zithromax, property.

Full code after the jump, prescription zithromax doxycycline. Zithromax chlamidia,

// ActionScript 3.0
/* Requires:
* - CheckBox component in Flash library
* - TextInput component in Flash library
import fl.controls.CheckBox;
import fl.controls.TextInput;

var checkBox:CheckBox = new CheckBox();
checkBox.label = "enabled";
checkBox.selected = true;
checkBox.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, checkBox_change);
checkBox.move(10, is zithromax safe for fish, Cipro zithromax no prescription, 10);

var textInput:TextInput = new TextInput();
textInput.text = new Date().toString();
textInput.enabled = checkBox.selected;
textInput.width = 300;
textInput.move(10, 40);

function checkBox_change(evt:Event):void {
textInput.enabled = checkBox.selected;

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6 Responses to Where Can I Buy Zithromax

  1. purplewind says:

    May I ask you a question?
    besides Flex components & TextLayout Components & fl Components
    If any component can support “keyboard input”?

    Like flash.text.TextField;
    If no , how “adobe text layout frame” create a TextInput ?

    Thanks a lot^^;

  2. Peter deHaan says:


    The flash.text.TextField supports text input, you just need to set the type property to “input” (or use the static TextFieldType.INPUT constant).

    Flash Player 10 also added the Text Layout Framework (TLF) classes, as well as the native Flash Text Engine (FTE) classes. For more information, check out the beta Flex Gumbo docs at


  3. purplewind says:

    Thank you, Peter^^
    I knew TextField can support Input.

    But in the environment of Flash Player 10,
    I’m using the FTE , so I need an original Input component that will not increase swf’s size.
    Of course I could use the TextField class simply
    But I have something that baffles.
    If there is no other original Input componet.

    How TLF support textinput ?
    TLF used a TextField for its input action ?

  4. purplewind says:

    I have read all FTE classe scarefully. .
    But I haven’t found a class like that .

  5. Peter deHaan says:

    Sorry, the Text Layout Framework (TLF) was an add-on, not actually shipped WITH Flash Player 10 (my first email was a bit vague).
    For more information on the TLF project, check out the TLF page on the Adobe Labs site and the TLF team’s blog at

    As far as I know (and I could be wrong) TLF is built on top of FTE, so it uses the FTE classes and adds its own additional functionality.


  6. purplewind says:

    Yestday I read some about IME
    I think a input component may used it .
    TLF built on top of FTE , yes.
    But I afraid that TLF components & Flex components will let
    a swf file with more then “400Kb”.
    So , if could develop a lightweight text frame with FTE , then I can control my
    swf file size in “20Kb”.

    Thank you for your help.^^

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