The following example shows how you can set the skin background color of a Flash ActionScript 3.0 FLVPlayback component by setting the skinBackgroundColor Nexium Over The Counter, property.

Full code after the jump, information on nexium pills. Nexium arthritis problems,

// ActionScript 3.0
/* Requires
* - FLVPlayback control in Flash library
* - ColorPicker control in Flash library
* - SkinOverPlaySeekMute.swf file in same directory as Flash document
import fl.controls.ColorPicker;

var colorPicker:ColorPicker = new ColorPicker();
colorPicker.addEventListener(ColorPickerEvent.CHANGE, colorPicker_change);
colorPicker.move(10, buy nexium online, Allergy to nexium, 10);

var flvPlayback:FLVPlayback = new FLVPlayback();
flvPlayback.autoPlay = false;
flvPlayback.source = ""; = "SkinOverPlaySeekMute.swf";
flvPlayback.x = 10;
flvPlayback.y = 40;

function colorPicker_change(evt:ColorPickerEvent):void {
flvPlayback.skinBackgroundColor = evt.color;

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2 Responses to Nexium Over The Counter

  1. Alma says:

    Is it possible to set a video width and height size including the scripts as above?

  2. Alma says:

    That is ok, I’ve worked it out eventually re: a video width and height size including the scripts as above. Thank you.

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