The following example shows how you can automatically resize a Flash ActionScript 3.0 UILoader container by setting the Boolean scaleContent Where Can I Buy Nexium, property. A value of true indicates that the image is automatically scaled to the size of the UILoader instance; a value of false indicates that the loaded content is automatically scaled to its default size, order nexium online. Taking nexium in the third trimester, Full code after the jump.

// ActionScript 3.0
/* Requires:
* - UILoader component in Flash library
import fl.containers.UILoader;

var uiLoader:UILoader = new UILoader();
uiLoader.scaleContent = false;
uiLoader.source = "";
uiLoader.move(10, dream nexium online pharmaceutical, Nexium is dangerous, 10);

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4 Responses to Where Can I Buy Nexium

  1. Anonymous says:

    after the jump my ass. where is the link?

  2. Peter deHaan says:


    That’s the post. The full code. The whole thing.

  3. Nawar says:

    It can NOT be the whole thing :X

  4. bahare says:

    when I use this code,
    The following error appears in Compiler errors panel:

    Definition fl.containers:UILoader could not be found.

    please help me!!!!!!!!:(

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