Valium Over The Counter, When building dynamic sites or applications, you may want to load text from an external file instead of hard-coding the text directly into the Flash document. Cheap valium no prescription, One advantage of dynamically loading content is that you can update the welcome message on your homepage without opening an FLA file, republishing the SWF file or uploading a new SWF file to the server, valium vaginal suppositories. Valium related drugs, Instead, you edit the text/HTML document on the server and the updated content is used next time the SWF file is loaded, valium 5620 pill description. Valium 2mg, The following example displays the contents of a remote text file in a Label component instance.

Full code after the jump, online valium.

// ActionScript 3.0
// Import the required component classes, Valium Over The Counter. Valium prescriptions online, import fl.controls.Label;

/* Create a new Label component instance, set the wordWrap and autoSize properties, valium animation, Roche argentina valium, and add the label to the display list. */
var myLabel:Label = new Label();
myLabel.text = "loading...";
myLabel.width = 530;
myLabel.wordWrap = true;
myLabel.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
myLabel.move(10, valium benefit, Is valium similar to valerian, 10);

// Create a new UILoader instance, add an event listener, indian valium pharmacy, Migraine london protocol aspirin reglan valium, and load the remote text file.
var myURLLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
myURLLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, valium causing joint swelling, Buy valium in singapore, completeHandler);
myURLLoader.load(new URLRequest(""));

/* Handler function for the URLLoader object. This function sets the text in the label
instance to the contents of the remote text file, no prescription valium. Angina valium, */
function completeHandler(evt:Event):void {
var txt:String = URLLoader(evt.currentTarget).data as String;
myLabel.text = txt;

For more information on the Flash/ActionScript 3.0 Label component, see the "Using the Label component" Flash Quick Start on, valium in the sunshine lyrics. Valium equivalent to 1 mg xanax. Valium advanced guestbook 2.4.2. Valium 10 mg. Valium advanced guestbook 2.3. Valium visa. Valium drug usage in utah. No-prescription valium.

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  1. This is great site, Peter! Thanks for sharing these examples!

  2. 小小菜鸟 says:

    the domain name is very very nice,
    hope it as good as

    Peter!thanks u

  3. Luc St-Arnaud says:


    I am building a flash file with multiple scenes and with a large amount of animated text by scene (Imagine a power point presentation of 20 pages with interactive navigation but in Flash)

    Then I want to be able to translate this text content in 3 different languages.
    As I don’t want to create 3 different Flash files, I will need an external file
    with the text that I can change easily.

    How would you do that?

    Best regards


  4. glasnost says:

    Well Done! I Like it!

  5. seb says:

    Hi do you know how to change the font on the label ?

    please let me now

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