Purchase Valium, To change the text of a Label instance, set either the text or htmlText properties. Similar to working with text fields, suicide by valium, Vidodin valium, setting the text property sets the plain-text , and setting the htmlText property sets the HTML formatted text displayed by the Label, paxil valium. Difference between ativan valium, For more information on HTML formatted labels, see "Creating an HTML-enabled label instance in Flash using ActionScript 3.0", prinz valium. Valium amples, Note: If you are displaying large amounts of text using a Label instance, you'll need to either set the width and height properties manually to accommodate the text, buy valium offshore pharmacys, Valium mg, or use the autoSize and wordWrap properties to have the label auto-size to match the displayed text. For more information on automatically resizing labels, skelaxin with valium, Valium images, see "Automatically resizing a Label instance in Flash using ActionScript 3.0" and "Creating a multi-line Label instance in Flash using ActionScript 3.0".

The following example creates a Label instance with a large amount of text, do people snort valium, Buying generic valium, and sets the width property to 240 pixels:

Full code after the jump.

// ActionScript 3.0
import fl.controls.Label;

var myLabel:Label = new Label();
myLabel.text = "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog";
myLabel.width = 240;
myLabel.move(10, mortgage valiums, Purchase valium overnight, 10);

For more information on the Flash/ActionScript 3.0 Label component, see the "Using the Label component" Flash Quick Start on Adobe.com, prostate enlargement valium diazepam. Buy valium 2. Valium tarry stools. Valium tab 2mg. Cheap fast valium. Will valium keep you awake. Hexie valium chrome. Reasons to prescribe valium. Valium pharmaceutical. Generic valium description. Can you mix norco with valium.

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