The following example shows how you can use JSFL to close all open documents in the Flash Authoring IDE using the fl.closeAll() Cheap Reductil Online, command.

Full code after the jump, coming off reductil. Reductil 15 mg eating plan,


Note: the closeAll() method takes an optional parameter, promptToSave, reductil bromocriptine, Reductil pills sold in london store, which specifies whether the files should be closed immediately (false), or whether the user will be prompted to save any new or changed files (true), wat doet reductil. Reductil espa ol, The default value is true.

To close the files immediately, without prompting the user to save changed files, reductil deaths, Circumvallate papillae reductil, you could use the following code:


You can also use the confirm() method to ask the user whether or not all files should be closed immediately, or if they want to have the option of saving any modified files:

var result = confirm("Do you want to save any files or whatever?");
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