The following example shows how you can request access to the user's microphone using the static Microphone.getMicrophone() method and listening for the status Ambien Over The Counter, event.

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// ActionScript 3.0
var mic:Microphone = Microphone.getMicrophone();
mic.addEventListener(StatusEvent.STATUS, mic_status);

var tf:TextField = new TextField();
tf.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
tf.text = "Detecting microphone...";

function mic_status(evt:StatusEvent):void {
tf.text = "Microphone is muted?: " + mic.muted;
switch (evt.code) {
case "Microphone.Unmuted":
tf.appendText("\n" + "Microphone access was allowed.");
case "Microphone.Muted":
tf.appendText("\n" + "Microphone access was denied.");

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7 Responses to Ambien Over The Counter

  1. Tamer says:

    We were looking for a way to capture the mic audio data and save it to mp3
    Will this really need a flash communication server!??!

    Please advise

  2. Echo says:

    thanks for useful example you placed here. i am too excited in capturing sound and saving it to whatever format for now. any Idea ?

    Thanks Again

  3. Jim says:

    I want to know microphone recording too.
    Must we need FMS?
    Why cant it be saved to somewhere upon finishing recording?

  4. houdini says:

    Hi there!

    Isn’t it possible to store recorded data in byte array?

    Greetings houdini

  5. sara says:

    thank you this example help me in my work thanks_Egypt

  6. Anthony says:

    Hi all,
    If your interested in saving the input to the file, your will need to store it in a byte array and then output the byte array data to a file of your choose with the right encoding of the file.

    Check out:


  7. raste says:

    Im Raste Yousif Qadr
    im from kurdstan\Soran

    How to cerat Dectionary in action Script

    Thank For Us

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