The following example shows how you can dynamically create an input TextField object in ActionScript 3.0 by setting the text field object's type property to the TextFieldType.INPUT Purchase Reductil, constant.

Full code after the jump, reductil panadol. Bye reductil,

// ActionScript 3.0
var theTextField:TextField = new TextField();
theTextField.type = TextFieldType.INPUT;
theTextField.border = true;
theTextField.x = 10;
theTextField.y = 10;
theTextField.multiline = true;
theTextField.wordWrap = true;

To create the same thing in ActionScript 2.0, you would do something like the following:

// ActionScript 2.0
createTextField("theTextField", buy reductil uk, Reductil weight loss, 0, 10, reductil charges in nz, Buy reductil online, 10, 100, reductil pas cher, Reductil ingrdients, 100);
theTextField.type = "input";
theTextField.border = true;
theTextField.multiline = true;
theTextField.wordWrap = true;
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18 Responses to Purchase Reductil

  1. Andy Hadel says:

    Okay so I’m cutting teeth on AS3 but I can’t get the textFormat var to work at all on the textField var. Just keeps ignoring it.

  2. Thomas Davis says:

    Have you imported flash.text.TextField? Pretty sure it needs to happen, with or without packaging.

  3. Jorgesys says:

    Andy you can define your textFormat like…

    var mytextFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat(“verdana”, 11,0xFF0000)
    theTextField.defaultTextFormat = mytextFormat;


  4. Jorgesys says:

    Thomas, when you aren’t using action script file (.as) you don’t need to package or import the class flash.text.TextField

  5. Hassan says:

    Hi there Peter,

    Im working on a Actionscript 3 project and i have come across some issues. Like u have shown in your post, it is quite easy to create a dynamic textField in AS3. My problem is that i want to create a class that creates a textfield (and a lot of other movieclips). So basically the class is a movieclip that creates a textfield and some movieclips. Ive actually written some AS3 code but it seems like i cant get Flash to show the result. Ive used AddChild etc to try to put the content onto the stage. Is there some basic issues im missing that are new to Flash?

    Thanks for your time


  6. Gerald says:

    Hi Peter,

    I’m creating input text boxes in a for loop based on a number someone puts into a input text box on the Stage. This works great but I also need to store what is typed into the dynamically generated input text boxes. This is where I’m getting stuck so any insights would be great.


  7. dash says:

    Try setting the text first, then the format. EG:

    var m1:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
    m1.font = "Arial";
    m1.bold = true;
    m1.color = 0xFFCC00;
    m1.align = "left";
    m1.size = 12;
    myText.text = "easy";
  8. IMD says:

    How do I create a text section were I will have an ‘insert text here’ area and once clicked users can write any text onto an object in flash cs3 using as2???

    Do I still have to use the input text method??

  9. Henrik says:

    The TextFieldType.INPUT is bugging a lot.

    The solution I found was set a text value for the input field in order to make it selectable (this is how it is done in the adobe help files). But the trouble doesnot stop there. Once you have this you need to ensure that the second character is selected rather then the first, because if you select the first character then you cannot write in the textfield (bug). (I solved this by adding a eventlistener with setSelection but you find a better solution, please post it)

    So my complete code:

    var theTextField:TextField = new TextField();
    theTextField.type = TextFieldType.INPUT;
    theTextField.border = true;
    theTextField.x = 10;
    theTextField.y = 10;
    theTextField.text = ” “; (notice two space)
    theTextField.multiline = true;
    theTextField.wordWrap = true;
    theTextField.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, function(event:MouseEvent){,2); });

    Hope you found this usefull…

    • Peter says:

      Replying to the part about the TextField bug since I found that particularly useful. My follow up is that I tied to the FocusEvent.FOCUS_IN so that it handles tabs into that TextField which were causing the same problem. I also did a setSelection for the whole thing, as I thought that was more common to let someone replace the text that is in there, but that’s really application dependent. Here’s my code snippet:

      var tf:TextField = new TextField();
      tf.type = TextFieldType.INPUT;
      tf.text = ”;
      tf.addEventListener(FocusEvent.FOCUS_IN, function(event:FocusEvent) {,;

      Final note was that this was the only place I found information on this, which seems strange as I would think it’d be a large Flash/AS3 bug. Anyone else have any links to other topics on this?

  10. Anonymous says:

    hola a todos necesito que me ayuden soy nuevo en esto de flash. tengo instalado en mi pc el actionscript 3.0 flash 9, lo lo que deseo es que al ingresar dígito en mi caso solo 1 y 0 en un TextInput y a la vez que se me almacenen en una matriz y luego presentarlo en un trace la matriz con los dígitos que yo ingrese. le estaría muy agradecido de ante mano a las personas que me ayuden. :) gracias

  11. davidp says:

    I think it’s worth mentioning some should include flash.text.TextFieldType to use input type field :)

  12. Mandan says:

    Poda Vanga Vangatharam parayathe

  13. Ali says:

    Thanks for his clean and clear tutorial, very useful :)

    I also got a news here that I thought would be so useful for all of us as Flash devs, Now that we are talking about TextField thought to let you know about a class that is so powerful and is extended from the Adobe TextField class itself.

    It’s named TextArea which allows you every possible tags even your own custom tag and has much more abilities too.

    Check out for more information.
    It not only allows you to load different SWF files by calling different tags in line of your text but also you have much more control over your Text blocks and its contents… such as calling your custom functions right from your text blocks and passing multiple and different arguments through them; loading talking avatars, video players, buttons, slideshows and more… by calling their own tags and having full interaction between all of the loaded SWF modules and your text block. Check out the site for more information, downloading the platform is also free of charge :)

  14. vicky says:

    help.. i want to make rotated input text field.

  15. chivito says:

    All the examples in adobe help me do not work.
    I create a class in your main /

    package main{
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.text.TextField;
    import flash.text.TextFieldAutoSize;

    public class mTxt extends Sprite {
    public function mStr(str:String, mLn:Boolean=true, met:String="info", fSz:Number=10, fNm:String="Tahoma") {
    var my_text:TextField = new TextField();


    switch (met) {
    case "error" :
    case "opis" :
    default :


    Import the file inside the fla

    import main.*;

    var mInfo:main.mTxt=new main.mTxt;
    mInfo.mStr("Jakiś tekst", false, "ddd");

    Nothing is happening. Maybe someone knows what is wrong.

  16. Gabriel says:


    Thanks for the script. I believe I have found an interesting application of this script. It’s a contact form with dynamic text input. I found it on
    It has a lot of customizable properties, tons of things you can add via the XML files that drive it and works just super in Flash and in normal HTML websites. I believe that most scripts should have at least one example of a practical application, and this is the best I have found.

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