The following example shows how you can create a multiline CheckBox control in Flash by setting the wordWrap property on the CheckBox component's internal textField Purchase Ambien, property.

Full code after the jump, tapering off of ambien. Ambien related to gastric ulcers,

// ActionScript 3.0
/* Requires:
* - A CheckBox control in your Flash library.
import fl.controls.CheckBox;

var checkBox:CheckBox = new CheckBox();
checkBox.label = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.";
checkBox.textField.wordWrap = true;
checkBox.move(10, suicides taking ambien, Purchase ambien c o d, 20);
checkBox.width = 200;

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6 Responses to Purchase Ambien

  1. Nice says:

    Need to submit an enhancement request to Adobe to have this ability added to Flash/Flex..

  2. Peter deHaan says:


    Flash enhancement requests/bug reports can be filed using the “Feature Request/Bug Report Form” at (select “Flash” from the Product name drop down menu)
    Flex enhancement requests/bug reports can be filed using the public bug base at


  3. andjules says:

    Interesting side effect:
    the actual check-box (the box element itself, not including the label) is vertically centered to the height of the checkbox’s textfield.
    I can’t find any documentation (or undocumented stuff on the net) about how to reference the actual check-box (so I can control its relative position).

    Any thoughts?

  4. Craig Belcherr says:

    I am also curious about how to change the relative position of the actual checkbox and its label. I think it would look much better if they were aligned along the top. I messed around with CSS styles, but I have not been able to find anything that affects the control in this way.


  5. Craig Belcherr says:

    After searching Google and doing some of my own investigation into Flex, I found the following solution:

    package packageName
    import flash.text.TextFieldAutoSize;
    import mx.controls.CheckBox;

    public class MultilineCheckBox extends CheckBox
    public function MultilineCheckBox()

    override protected function createChildren():void

    textField.wordWrap = true;
    textField.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;

    Let me know what you think :)


  6. patCRUZ says:

    The first exemple din’t work for me.

    @Craig Belcherr can you upload a exemple to text?

    thank you!

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