The following example shows how you can use the fl.outputPanel.clear(); Order Reductil Without A Prescription, JSFL command to clear the current contents of the Output panel in Flash.

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2 Responses to Order Reductil Without A Prescription

  1. WORMSS says:

    Hello, sorry to be a little silly, but I am not sure how to use this?
    you say its a JSFL command, but You do not say what that is, or how to use it on this website, or if it is, its not easy to navigate to.

    I just need a little help.

  2. Peter deHaan says:


    Sorry, I thought I had a post on getting started with JSFL, but I couldn’t find it. I should write up an intro to JSFL and link it from each JSFL-based entry since getting started can be a bit tricky.

    This post has a bit more of a setup, which may help, “Using JSFL to determine your current Flex SDK path in Flash CS4”.


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