The following example demonstrates how to create a button with a multiline label using the textField Buying Acomplia, property to access the Button instance's internal TextField object.

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// ActionScript 3.0
// Import the required component classes.
import fl.controls.Button;

// Create a new TextFormat object and set the align property to "center", acomplia no presription needed. Weight loss acomplia, var myTextFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
myTextFormat.align = TextFormatAlign.CENTER;

/* Create a new Button component instance, set the textFormat style to the
TextFormat object created earlier, acomplia zimulti blog, Acomplia rimonabant cheap online fedex, and add the button to the display list. */
var myButton:Button = new Button();
myButton.label = "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog";
myButton.textField.wordWrap = true;
myButton.setStyle("textFormat", acomplia results, Acomplia zimulti, myTextFormat);
myButton.setSize(120, 60);
myButton.move(10, sanofi acomplia, Acomplia pills, 10);

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  1. luke says:

    hey , this is great helpful code but when i rollover the button it narrows the textfield width every time, creating a strange effect. its like flash is decreasing the wordwrap limit or text field width every time rollover occurs. is there a fix for this?

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