Order Alprazolam Without A Prescription, The following example shows how you can call an ActionScript function from your HTML template using JavaScript and the ExternalInterface class in ActionScript 2.0.

Full code after the jump, drug interactions alprazolam. Alprazolam al,

  1. Copy and paste the following code into frame 1 of your Flash document:

// ActionScript 2.0
import flash.external.ExternalInterface;


ExternalInterface.addCallback("sayWhat", null, withdrawl symptoms from alprazolam, Alprazolam powder, sayWhat);

function sayWhat():Void {

  1. Using the Text tool in Flash, add the text "1" to the first frame.

  2. Create a blank keyframe on frame 10, alprazolam dry eye, Alprazolam serotonin, select the new frame and add the text "2".

  3. Copy and paste the following code into frame 10 of your Flash document:


  1. Save your document as "main.fla" and select File > Publish to generate the SWF, HTML, generic alprazolam, Alprazolam versus lexapro, and JavaScript files.

  2. Select File > Publish Settings from the main menu and deselect the HTML check box from the Formats tab. This will prevent the HTML template from being overwritten if you republish your FLA for any reason.

  3. Using a text editor such as Dreamweaver, alprazolam half lief, Canine amitriptyline given with alprazolam, Notepad, TextEdit, who makes alprazolam, Alprazolam chemical make up, etc, open the main.html file which was automatically created by Flash in step 5.

  4. Add the following code between the <head> and </head> tags:

  1. After the </noscript> tag, alprazolam watson, Alprazolam .5 vs 1mg, add the following code:

value="Frame 2"
onClick="doWhat('main');" />

  1. Finally, save your HTML file and open it in your favorite web browser, forieng alprazolam imprints ten. Best place to buy alprazolam online, Clicking the Frame 2 button in the HTML file should now cause the SWF file to skip to the second state in your Flash application.

  2. Celebrate.

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9 Responses to Order Alprazolam Without A Prescription

  1. Usama Ahmed says:

    Which flash player have you used inside the following example. I am trying to do it for flash player 6 and AS 2. But it is not working.

  2. Peter deHaan says:

    Usama Ahmed.

    This particular example would have probably been written using Flash Player 9/ActionScript 2.0/Flash CS3. Newer examples are mainly written/tested against Flash Player 10/ActionScript 3.0/Flash CS4.

    Only the latest and greatest here at ActionScriptExamples.com! ;)


  3. Morgan says:

    Yeah, this doesn’t work and mucking around hasn’t made it work either. gotoAndPlay(“success”); should be a frame label, no?

  4. Esam Melad says:

    Please Help me.
    I made a coloring book in Flash. I finished everything, just remaining one thing. After the user finish painting the outline image must be save the final painting but I can’t find Action Script 2.0 code to save a move clip in user’s computer.
    I don’t want to use any sever technology, it’s locally.

    Please help me don’t forget me.

    Esam Melad

  5. oskar says:


    How can I call a function inside another class? I’ve tried using:
    ExternalInterface.addCallback(“myFunction”, this, myClass.myFunction);


  6. Tahir Alvi says:

    Nice work, if we we not able to get the id of flash page then what we do?


  7. pedro says:

    Thanks a lot pal!!

  8. brian says:

    Not working at all. Tried tying loose ends, but still doesn’t work. Seems there a lot of holes in the tutorial.

  9. Liju says:

    The flash external interface will not call the functions if you are checking in your local machine. The reason being, the flash player detects the function call as a web request. This request will trigger a security issue. This is why the script does not work sometimes. Try move your files to your document root and access the site using the URL. This will detect the interface correctly and the function will be working fine…

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