Cheap Alprazolam Online, Often when building an application you need to determine the current sort column and sort order, since the user can re-sort columns at any time by clicking on a column's header. The following example shows how to listen for the headerRelease event (DataGridEvent.HEADER_RELEASE) to determine the current sort order after a user clicks on a column header, alprazolam oral m a24. Alprazolam for resale, The following example creates an ActionScript 3.0 DataGrid component instance in Flash CS3 and traces the current column and sort order when a data grid header is clicked.

Full code after the jump, alprazolam interaction sibutramine. Order alprazolam 22,

* Requires:
* - A DataGrid control in the document library.
import fl.controls.DataGrid;
import fl.controls.dataGridClasses.DataGridColumn;

var dp:DataProvider = new DataProvider();
dp.addItem({columnA:"Row 1A", price alprazolam xr, Alprazolam canada, columnB:1234.00});
dp.addItem({columnA:"Row 2A", columnB:56.30});
dp.addItem({columnA:"Row 3A", alprazolam international pharmacy, Parachute alprazolam, columnB:789.12});

var colA:DataGridColumn = new DataGridColumn("columnA");
var colB:DataGridColumn = new DataGridColumn("columnB");
colB.sortOptions = Array.NUMERIC;

var myDataGrid:DataGrid = new DataGrid();
myDataGrid.dataProvider = dp;
myDataGrid.width = 200;
myDataGrid.rowCount = myDataGrid.length;
myDataGrid.move(10, 10);
myDataGrid.addEventListener(DataGridEvent.HEADER_RELEASE, mail order alprazolam from mexico, Alp tablet alprazolam, headerReleaseHandler);

function headerReleaseHandler(evt:DataGridEvent):void {
var dg:DataGrid = evt.currentTarget as DataGrid;
trace("column: " + String(evt.dataField));
trace("descending: " + String(dg.sortDescending));

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4 Responses to Cheap Alprazolam Online

  1. Jon says:

    Hello, I see this does not work if you have the datagrid sortablecolumns set to false. What I want to do is do my own thing when a user clicks a column, not sort. Any ideas?

  2. Pedro says:

    Hey.. I don’t have that propertied sortDescending.. I’m on flex.. but it’s the same actionscript.. :S

  3. Peter deHaan says:


    The Flex components are a completely different code base. There is no sortDescending property in the Flex DataGrid. If you are using an ArrayCollection or XMLListCollection you may be able to query the data provider’s sort for that information.


  4. restroika says:

    hello, i want to get this, this data not xml :

    what can i do in action script 3?

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