The following example creates a new DataGridColumn instance in Flash CS3 and adds it to the ActionScript 3.0 DataGrid using the addColumn() Alprazolam Pharmacy No Prescription, method.

Full code after the jump, alprazolam vs temazepam. Breathalyzer readings alprazolam, There are two main ways to add columns to an ActionScript 3.0 DataGrid instance in Flash CS3:

  • Pass a string to the data grid's addColumn() or addColumnAt() method.

  • Pass a DataGridColumn object (fl.controls.dataGridClasses.DataGridColumn) to the data grid's addColumn() or addColumnAt() method.

By using the DataGridColumn object, you can control additional attributes of the data grid column, alprazolam tinnitus, Is there a generic for alprazolam, such as the following:

  • Specify whether the column is editable (DataGridColumn.editable)

  • Specify whether the column is resizable (DataGridColumn.resizable)

  • Specify the column's header text (DataGridColumn.headerText)

  • Specify a custom function which generates a cell's text (DataGridColumn.labelFunction)

  • Specify whether the column is sortable (DataGridColumn.sortable)

  • Specify sorting options (DataGridColumn.sortOptions)

  • Specify a custom sorting function (DataGridColumn.sortCompareFunction)

* Requires:
* - DataGrid on the display list with an instance name of "myDataGrid".
import fl.controls.DataGrid;
import fl.controls.dataGridClasses.DataGridColumn;

var dp:DataProvider = new DataProvider();
dp.addItem({columnA:"Row 1A", is alprazolam habit forming, Alprazolam ld50, columnB:"1234.000"});
dp.addItem({columnA:"Row 2A", columnB:"56.300"});
dp.addItem({columnA:"Row 3A", alprazolam m a23, Greenstone alprazolam, columnB:"789.123"});

var colA:DataGridColumn = new DataGridColumn("columnA");
var colB:DataGridColumn = new DataGridColumn("columnB");

var myDataGrid:DataGrid = new DataGrid();
myDataGrid.dataProvider = dp;
myDataGrid.width = 200;
myDataGrid.rowCount = myDataGrid.length;
myDataGrid.move(10, 10);

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