The following example(s) show how you can use the ExternalInterface class (flash.external.ExternalInterface) in ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0 to send a string from Flash to the HTML container where it is displayed using the JavaScript alert() Buy Clomid Without A Prescription, function. Metformin clomid, Full code after the jump.

The first example shows how you can check whether the ExternalInterface API is available using the static ExternalInterface.available property (note, taking clomid while over weight, Fertility drugs after clomid, I'm not checking whether or not it is available or not, I'm just displaying the value), over 40 on clomid. Probability of subsequent pregnancies on clomid, First we craft our XML-node as a string, and then pass it to the HTML container using the static method, follicle sizing with clomid, Citrate clomid clomiphene, which calls the alert() function, passing the XML string as a String object:

// ActionScript 2.0
* Requires:
* - A Label component on the Stage with an instance name of "lbl", clomid omifin. Concieving with clomid without a prescription, * - A Button component on the Stage with an instance name of "button".
import flash.external.*;

var xmlResponse:String = "1" + Stage.width + "" + Stage.height + "";

lbl.text = "ExternalInterface.available: " + ExternalInterface.available;
lbl._width = 200;
button.enabled = ExternalInterface.available;
button.addEventListener("click", button_click);

function button_click(evt:Object):Void {"alert", xmlResponse);

And here is the same code in ActionScript 3.0:

// ActionScript 3.0
* Requires:
* - A Label component on the Stage with an instance name of "lbl", Buy Clomid Without A Prescription.
* - A Button component on the Stage with an instance name of "button", expired clomid. Clomid brown spotting day 25, */
var xmlResponse:String = "1" + stage.stageWidth + "" + stage.stageHeight + "";

lbl.text = "ExternalInterface.available: " + ExternalInterface.available;
lbl.width = 200;
button.enabled = ExternalInterface.available;
button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, button_click);

function button_click(evt:MouseEvent):void {"alert", clomid iui july 2009, Clomid hcg injection results, xmlResponse);

Overall, the code is fairly similar, clomid on medicaid. Second attempt on clomid, You'll notice that you need to import the flash.external.ExternalInterface class (or the flash.external.* package) in ActionScript 2.0, but not in ActionScript 3.0, inexpensive clomid online. Uterine thinning due to clomid, Apart from that, the only real differences are ActionScript 2.0's "_width" property on the Label control, clomid with aromasin, Hypopituitarism clomid, instead of ActionScript 3.0's "width" property. And also, clomid pr, Using expired clomid steroids, the Button control's event handler syntax is slightly different between the two flavors of ActionScript.

This was an oversimplified example, clomid is god. Challenge clomid test, Normally you would want to call a custom JavaScript function or do something a bit more interesting. Mother clomid sterile baby. Over 40 chlomid clomid.

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  1. David says:

    Where is the Javascript interface code?

  2. Tad says:

    Now, there is a lot you can do with the ExternalInterface.
    With my DOMExEventDispatcher Class you can let your swf listen for events from the wrapper. What that means is, for example with games, you can have the swf listen for keyboard events from the wrapper, and therefore no focus on the flash would be needed in order to register keyboard clicks! The same can be done for mouse events… it’s all here:

  3. HCG Injection says:

    Thanks for the detailed information on how to use the ExternalInterface with Action Script. The colored HTML code examples are particularly helpful for being able to identify the important elements within the coding. The time and effort taken to put this together are appreciated.

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